Digital Nomad Live & Work 1 Person Package

We know, Cambodia - and Kep particularly - is still not the top destination for remote workers, Internet entrepreneurs and freelancers looking for a laid back environment to work on their startups or projects. We met many people here who attempted to do this in Kep and all said that the Fitness Retreat Kep is a great place to do it. So we decided to make a special offer for people like you, people who don't fall into tourist category.

Two in one: get your work done and get in the best shape in your life!

What we have for you:

  • Bungalow: 714 USD / 28 days (including 10 % VAT and 2 % tourist tax)

Included in the package, free of charge:

  • comfortable, fully equipped, clean, serviced bungalows.
  • good Internet connection. minimum 1Mb for each user, stable fiber optic connection. WiFi covers all the area, including garden and gym.
  • worry-free living. focus on your work (and fitness if you want), leave the rest to us: daily laundry, cleaning, free breakfast, unlimited supply of bottled drinking water.
  • old-school 80's style analog, open-air bad-ass gym in the garden. Get offline sometimes and work your hardware out!
  • individual training plan for you. Depends on your goals, needs and wants. Professional advice and supervision.
  • sports classes (if there are enough interested people): Circuit/Crossfit training, Muay Thai, Krav Maga, MMA, Aerobics, Stretching, YOGA...
  • relaxing area
  • a beautiful tropical garden where you can relax or work.
  • flat screen TV with USB and HDMI sockets in bungalows.

Please mind that the resort is quite small, so we can offer only 6 bungalows. If you are interested, book now, or contact us, so that we could make arrangements.

Important Cambodian Visa advice: please get the correct visa upon arriving in Cambodia. On the border ask for ORDINARY VISA (instead of tourist visa) which is only 5 $ more, but can be extended 3, 6 or 12 months without the need of leaving the country. We can't even count how many people wanted to stay longer with us and had to make a trip to the border to get the right visa.

Digital Nomad Package details

Healthy Food

During the rainy season, we don't run restaurant per se, but you can ask any of our staff to prepare meals for you. It's a small, family run place, so after few days staff will know your eating habits.

We also have a tradition of evening dinners. We eat all together at a big table, sharing stories, knowledge, and jokes. Since this place is a fitness resort, meals are of the highest quality: healthy and delicious. If you're vegetarian, paleo diet follower, into lean gains regime or have any other special requirements, please let us know the first day.

Dinners are not included in the package price. We simply share the costs of each meal, which is usually 6 $ per dinner per person. Of course, you can eat out in town much cheaper (or order a pizza or hamburger) but give it a try at least once. Here the table is always full of quality fish & meats, steamed vegetables, salads, soups, and fruits. And you can eat as much as you want!

Please mind that we do not run 5* hotel or professional co-working space. We don't have a swimming pool or AC (bungalows are designed to have good airflow). But we know that you are not an ordinary tourist and your needs are different.
Here you can work (and work out) safely: we know that your type of work often requires carrying expensive electronics, gadgets, or data that you keep forgetting to back up.

Gym training and sports classes are for absolutely everyone. If you never did any sports activities it's perfectly fine, you can start it here without any stress or pressure. We have many gym/class members at all levels of fitness and experience.

*Noise disclaimer:

at 5 pm we have aerobic/dance class. This requires music and it's loud (but reasonably loud). If you don't mind one or one and a half hour of music a day for 3 days a week, everything should be fine.

The place really relaxed. You can focus on whatever you have to do. At the same time, you have easy access to town, beaches, restaurants, and nature park, everything is within a short riding distance.
If you need any help or assistance (rent or buy a motorbike, find a reliable driver or find any other service) we can make the contact for you with people we trust.

The last thing - if you never experienced the rainy season in tropics - it's rough and it can kick ass. Especially when you do heavy exercise. But don't be worried about that, after 2 or 3 months it will make you indestructible 🙂